Author’s note:

Part of the point of science fiction, in my view, is exploring ourselves through the lens of the other. Many of the themes in Pentapede Nation are meant to be explorations of what it is to be a thinking, rational being; of what gender is; of what society is and how else it could be structured.

Somewhat lofty, I know, for a twice-a-week, three-panel webcomic. Still, part of this exploration means that the pentapedes must be different from us. While certain elements need to be in common so that they can be relatable, it is important to remember that they are not human and that they share views and values that may potentially be quite different, even distasteful.

On that note, cannibalism. While it is taboo in most modern human cultures, it has existed as a common practice at various times throughout history. Endocannibalism is the specific practice of eating dead members of one’s own community as a way of maintaining continuity and mourning. io9 has a list of “bizarre death rituals” that is a bit sensationalist, but still interesting. Additionally, zoological cannibalism is relatively common and occurs for a variety of reasons.

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